Reasons 4 Rhymes
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You send me your signature and a picture of the person it is for. I can incorporate it with the poem and put your signature at the bottom.

If you want a really special poem, you send me the information and I can put their life’s story in a verse. Watch the video on this page for an example. We could celebrate:

Whatever you want to put in, I can put it in a verse, This is something that you can be sure will mean a lot to them.

Just imagine for a minute, if someone took the time and got together information on yourself. Your achievements, your worth, your value to your family, your work and your community. Then told your full story in a poem, inserted a picture and finished it off with a lovely frame, and presented it to you. Can you honestly think of a nicer gift? Would it not take pride of place in your home? Well this is what I am offering. You can give this unique gift to that very special person in your life