Reasons 4 Rhymes
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Reasons For Rhymes

Sample Poems

  Happy 40th Birthday

Tomorrow is a New Day

 It Could Be Worse

All in PDF Format

WANT TO MAKE that birthday celebration even more special? Or mark a loved one’s retirement with a personalised gift they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives? Anniversaries, graduations, successes, and achievements – I write poems that will bring joy and warmth to all of these occasions. When it comes to giving that special gift for that special occasion we have all got the same problem. I can write poems to suit:

This is a gift that is as individual as the person that is receiving it, a special personalised gift that is unique. A gift that nobody else has. A gift that you cannot go into a shop and buy. The feedback is fantastic. I know this gift is very special. I have got letters, texts, and phone calls from people that I have never met; thanking me for the best present they have ever received. I can write a poem for a

This personalised gift means far more to them than all the gold watches and cut crystal that money can buy, because this gift is about them, and only them. There are no two people alike, so this particular gift is a once off that will never be seen anywhere else.

If you’ve a special occasion, coming up, I’m your man. Contact Me Here.